About Us


We are engineers who call Melbourne home, and just happen to love building houses

And we believe, we are the right agents to bring about a big change in how technology is used every day in homes. Who better than engineers to think about technology.

We bring over 12 years of strong project management experience in the construction industry, great leadership skills, and have a strong work ethic. Our previous experience in healthcare infrastructure gives us a strong understanding of existing limitations in infrastructure, observed by those with limited mobility.

Our focus has been and will be on delivering great results for you through reliable partnerships, and by emphasis on proper:

  • Planning and establishment of works programs, ensuring that timelines are met
  • Actively managing subcontractors
  • Ensuring budgetary adherence by all parties, and
  • Ensuring quality of constructed works meets our high standards

The use of technology has been static for far too long in the residential construction industry, and we seek to change that by using appropriate technology to complement your lifestyle. We understand automation, and are actively involved in the practical implementation of automation in our house designs.

So when you live in one of our houses, be certain that you will be proud to call it home.

We are also proud members of the Master Builders Association.