Building on a Sloped block is generally what most Volume builders will try and avoid – or hit you with major site costs. However it presents you with an opportunity that is not afforded on level blocks.

For an extensive slope (greater than 2m), a design similar to our Boyne may be suitable (More on the Boyne a bit later). But for sites lesser than 2m of slope different ideas can be used. Steep DrivewayMost Volume builders will consider cutting the block to level the site. But this can cause unforeseen problems such as:

  • Greater driveway slope. You will not enjoy the feeling similar to driving off the side of a mountain. As a client once mentioned, it’s like building a house in a hole.
  • Massive retaining walls. Often Retaining walls are part of landscaping, so not the problem of the builder.
  • No view from the house. The fence line would still follow the profile of the block, so you would have super high fencing around your block
  • Drainage issues
  • A house that will be difficult to resell, as what may not be obvious on plans is now built and right in front of you

A much better option would be to have stepped slab. The slab of the house follows the slope of the land. It gives you the benefit of much reduced site costs, at the same time giving you a design with a “WOW” factor.

Stepped House Design

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