A Theatre Room like no other

A true cinematic experience awaits you. The Ararat 45 comes with a 6.6 x 5.5 m Theatre Room – Huge. Standard with a full width curved screen, that you can project on to. Also standard is stepped seating. We believe that a theatre room should give you the true feeling of watching a movie at the cinemas – not just a room where you throw a TV and some seating together.

InnoHomes Theater RoomWe understand how important a multipurpose room is. This maximises the space available, by utilising the sameĀ  space for a number of ctivities. Our deft touch includes a gaming table, that descends out of view – at the touch of a button. So when you are not watching a movie, utilise the pool table in the room to have fun. And then when you want to watch a movie, voila! – the table moves out of sight, so that the only thing to concentrate on is the big screen.

Home automation in its true sense.