Upstairs Living Areas

Ararat_upstairsDining_01Ararat_kitchen_04You’ve got a Block with a view. What good is a view, if you cannot use it. Maximise the view by living upsatirs. You would spend most of your time in the living areas. Spend time admiring the view – while you are relaxing, entertaining or even just cooking.

The upstairs living areas also maximises light and provides more exposure to fresh air.

There is still a kitchenette / bar area downstairs, for when you want the ease of making coffee or breakfast downstairs. This area downstairs is also handy to the outdoor exit, for when you are entertaining outdoors.

There are showers on both levels, so really it is all about convenience – and of course the view.



The main gripe till now with the upside down living concept, was getting all your heavy stuff upstairs. Groceries, furniture and the like.  But have you forgotten? you have an elevator for that !!!

Using elevator to lighten the load