Houses with integrated Elevators

Elevator UPOur Homes come standard with the latest technology MRL elevators. Specifically customised and manufactured for our Homes, the elevator provides a very elegant and practical solution to your vertical mobility needs.

Imagine not being restricted by your mobility issues, or having to account for the problem fracture because of netball !! Or imagine just the pleasure of hosting Dad or Nan, who doesn’t appreciate the trudge upstairs.

Imagine the ease of taking groceries or furniture upstairs. Straight from the garage, upstairs – no more dragging up the stairs.



Ararat_elevator-entry_02Custom features on our elevators include:

  • Fully automatic doors.
  • Double entry (pass-through) on each floor for optimum practical usage.
  • Frosted Glass doors framed in Stainless Steel from Living entry.
  • ARD (Automatic Rescue Device) as standard. Never be stuck in a mains blackout.
  • Modern and Elegant cabin design – you will be proud to call it home
  • Heavy 400 kg load rating on the elevator
  • Large 1.36m x 1m cabin

The standard features of the latest technology MRL elevator are:

MRL- Machine Room Less Lift.
A machine-room less lift minimises building work and maximises space-saving. Its innovative gearless permanent-magnet synchronous motor is located at the top of the lift shaft on a bedplate directly fixed to the guide rails which are anchored to each floor slab, with the result that loads are transmitted to the pit rather than to the shaft walls, thereby preventing vibration and disturbance to the walls of adjoining homes.

The most silent lift.
Its state-of-the-art gearless permanent-magnet motor definitively resolves all the mechanical noise and vibration problems associated with traditional geared motors. Its gearless motor revolves directly at 60rpm with no need for gearing. The absence of gear-wheeling and variable-frequency movement control mechanism combine to provide the smoothest possible ride and absolute precision at each stop.

Saves more energy.
A design-features assembly configuration makes it clearly stand out from other similar lifts. Thanks to its central drive, the MRL delivers optimum performance and phenomenal energy-saving, using up to 50% less energy than a conventional electric lift.

An eco-friendly lift
Eco-friendly: he MRL’s gearless permanent-magnet motor works without pollutant oils and lubricants, guaranteeing a cleaner environment.