Elevators are both fun and utilitarian. They are conveniently efficient for the vertical transport they provide to multiple people or even a larger quantity of goods and cargo. An elevator doesn’t take much space off the over-all building footprint and, obviously more convenient to use compared to a flight of stairs, with a load of goods.
Now this is convenience
For many great reasons, installing a residential home elevator is becoming prevalent.  As a matter of fact, more home renovations are being undertaken in order to achieve convenience.  Installing an elevator is implemented as a matter of necessity with regards to mobility and accessibility within your home.  It should satisfy your potential considerations for easy access.

Indubitably, more and more family homes are being constructed with an elevator or are being renovated to include one.  One of the best reasons why it’s a pretty good option to install a home elevator is that because all of us will get old.  The staircase in our homes that used to be sufficient for going upstairs and downstairs would definitely start looking more of a burden.  Carrying groceries, for example, up and down the stairs is not only difficult for older people but is dangerous, too.

Now, it is important to identify what is the right choice of elevator for your convenience.

The industry has a relatively new elevator product called Machine Room-Less Elevators (MRL’s).

MRL is a result of technological advancements that usually permit relevant reduction in the size of electric motors with traction. These innovated permanent magnet motors allow manufacturers to place the machines in the hoist way overhead, hence it eliminates the need for a machine room over the hoist way.

Let’s look into the benefits of the MRL Elevator:

  • Using an MRL Elevator can save energy, as compared to a hydraulic elevator.
  • MRL’s power feeders are greatly reduced because of the efficient design and counter-balancing from the traction equipment.
  • For many years, hydraulic elevators have undergone scrutiny with regards to environmental concerns due to its hydraulic cylinder. However, MRL Elevator is more environmental- friendly, since it is a traction elevator with no hydraulic fluid required.
  • In our opinion, MRL elevators provide superior performance and ride quality as compared to hydraulic elevators, this is because of their gearless traction machine.

Here are some of the known advantages of MRL elevators over hydraulic elevators.

  • more energy efficient
  • has smaller power feed requirements
  • its motor size is generally less than a hydraulic
  • gearless ride quality
  • has no hydraulic oil
  • relatively quiet

MRL Elevators are highly recommended for residential projects. They’re the right choices for an innovated living. For someone who needs genuine mobility, convenience and efficiency, MRL elevators will surely be the right choice.

Although, MRL elevators may have a higher initial cost, they still score higher on the design and efficiency criteria. Any cost paid for an MRL elevator will be an owner’s investment, coupled with satisfaction.

InnoHomes Ararat 45 showcases one of the best home features: MRL elevator with pass through entry on all levels.  Our office is located at our Ararat 45 display home: 4 Clovelly Way Timbertop Estate Officer, VIC 3809.

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