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Knockdown / Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild

Knock Down Rebuild

If you have outgrown your old home, but want to stay in the same area, a knock down rebuild project may be the answer!

Sometimes no amount of renovation or extension is not going to create the spaces and the flow that you need. Often it may be that this is not cost effective. Why not consider a brand new home with the design and flow that you need?

There are essentially just 3 steps to the whole Knock down and rebuild process:

1) Documentation and Design

Meet with us, and we will explore your ideas for your space and come up with a concept that you love. We will then proceed to provide you with a formal cost proposal, inclusive of floor plans and site plans. Once approved and a contract is signed, we will liaise with your local council to finalise the council approval and permit process.

2) Demolition

Once all necessary conditions have been fulfilled, we can set a date for the construction of your new home, in order for you to plan for the demolition of your house. InnoHomes can recommend Demolition contractors, or you are free to choose your own licenced contractor. This contractor will be typically able to obtain a demolition permit, and supply you an Asbestos Clearance Certificate, so that we can start construction. Other items for consideration are Asset protection permits, temporary and established fencing, Disconnection and possible relocation of services, and Tree removal

3) Construction

Construction can now commence and you can start to see your brand new dream home come to life. There will be opportunity to visit the site with your supervisor at key stages during the building process.

When you knock down and rebuild you demolish your old house you would be replacing it with a new, modern, energy-efficient home. Our team of experts will support you through the process of knocking down and rebuilding, and advise you of what is happening every step of the way. All you have to do is start thinking about what type of home you would love to live in.

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