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Sloping Block

Building on a “Sloped” Block

A sloped block can present many challenges to build a conventional slab based house. However it presents you with an opportunity that is not afforded on level blocks.

One option compared to completely cutting the land, would be to have stepped slab. The slab of the house follows the slope of the land. It may give you the benefit of reduced site costs, at the same time giving you a design with a “WOW” factor.

  • Another idea would be to build on stumps. This is often cost effective on smaller slopes
  • On greater slopes techniques such as steel piers and posts can be used
  • Generally such blocks would be subjected to higher wind ratings, which would affect bracing, windows etc. These need to be factored into the costs
  • Blocks on an inclineoften offer good drainage and natural light. The design of your home should seek to exploit that
  • And of course the views ....

For an extensive slope (greater than 2m), a split level design may be the best possible choice. Talk to your InnoHomes consultant for more details.

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