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Whether it is some extra entertaining space, or that extra Bedroom that you need, using up free space in your yard can be the most effective way of doing this. Explore with us the wonderful possibilities of ensuring that your home grows as your needs grow.

Home extensions allow you to expand or improve on the home you already love. Adding an extension can be very cost efficient, and adds value to your existing property.You will find that a single story extension is many time more cost effective than a double story extension. By keeping your extensions to the ground floor, you are able to maintain your original roof and street presence.

Extension by InnoHomes

Extensions can be a very effective way to stay where you are but have all the room you need. When designed effectively, you will be thrilled with your new spaces that you may have never thought possible.A home extension can vary greatly from a simple addition like a pergola, bedroom or office, or the addition of a master bedroom and en-suite, to a complex addition of reshaping homes, and adding multiple living and sleeping areas.

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