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Lyrebird 29

Building on a Sloped Block – 2

Further to our last post about building on a sloped block, we have modified our Lyrebird 29 to suit a slope of over 1.3m... more

Stepped House Design

Building on a “Sloped” Block

Building on a Sloped block is generally what most Volume builders will try and avoid – or hit you with major site ... more


“Housing Bubble” – Our Perspective

Well we thought it was time to put our builder’s perspective on the so called “Housing Bubble” First thing... more

Ararat 45

Video Introduction of our display Home

A short post today, just to showcase the video introduction of our Display Home. The Ararat 45 Display Home by InnoHomes... more

Sales Process

Understanding a New-Home Sales process – Part 2

We take up from where we left in the last Blog post. 3) Site Costs This is a favourite cause of frustration from all the... more

Sales Process

Understanding a New-Home Sales process – Part 1

A common theme that emerges from our visitor feedback, is the understanding of why pricing seems to be so varied between... more


Concrete Roof Tiles Vs Colorbond Roof

When it comes to roofing materials in Australia, two types are considered more popular than other. These are concrete ro... more

waffle slab

Raft Slab vs Waffle Slab

Raft Slab : The steel reinforced raft slab is also commnly called an engineered slab. It consists of thick steel reinfor... more

House Plan

What is involved in subdividing your Block?

Over the last few weeks we have been offered to quote on quite a few sub-divided blocks. So what is involved? Subdividin... more

Using elevator to lighten the load

Machine Roomless Elevator – What is it?

Elevators are both fun and utilitarian. They are conveniently efficient for the vertical transport they provide to multi... more