Bring your own plan

Already have an idea of how your home looks like? We’ll happily go a step further by offering to assess your design – helping to add value or save cost where we can. Get an obligation-free design advice meeting with our experienced consultant.

House Plan

Our 5-step Design process:

1. Concept Visualisation
Design parameters important to you are discussed, and site conditions are evaluated. Budget objectives are established and an overview of our services including design and the management team process are discussed.

2. Review
We will usually meet with our clients on site to consider the area’s context, slope, views and orientation. Cost expectations are analysed and clients are advised of any planning requirements.

3. Design Documentation

A design brief is explored and finalised, which includes qualifications of concept, room sizes, scope of works and major evaluation of specification requirements. This is followed by presentation of draft plans. 2D and 3D drawing will be presented for review.

4. Engineering Documentation
On finalisation of the design drawings, clients are asked to review finishes, design and other services. We commence on the Engineering of your project and the specifications incorporating the final client selections are incorporated into the drawings.

5. Contract Documentation
This is the time to dot the i’s, and cross the t’s. Final documentation including the new homes contract, project specification, working drawings, engineering and other associated documents, are finalised, and we are ready to start on your dream home.

Ararat 45 Display Home now open

Our Ararat Display home is situated in the Display Village at the Timbertop Estate in Officer,  Victoria 3809. It has been consistent feedback that our home sets a new benchmark in residential construction.

Ararat 45 Display Home

We are situated at 4 Clovelly Way, Timberstop Estate (325 Princess Hwy), Officer, Vic 3809.

Our Display open times are :

Sat & Sun – 11AM to 5PM
Mon to Wed – 9.30 AM to 2.30 PM – By prior Appointment
Thu & Fri – By prior Appointment


Why Choose Us

There are lots of choices when it comes to building your home. What makes us different an why choose InnoHomes? Here are some of the top reasons we stand above the rest:

why_choose_us_AOur Value
We offer “what matters” and “practical” quality and. We are refreshingly different and only present best value for money products. Very importantly, we deliver the highest value for your budget.

Our Willingness to listen
We take the time to listen to your needs and understand your requirements, so that the design we suggest will be effective. We believe listening is core to the design process and the key to a successful partnership.

Our Experience
We have a wealth of experience in commercial construction and managing large projects. We are engineers, and we think logically different. A problem for us is an opportunity to provide a solution.

Our Relationships
We place a lot of value on relationships. Relationships with our clients are paramount – ofcourse, but so also relationships with our sub-contractors, suppliers and partners. We believe that relationships are key to getting the best out of people, hence ensuring a job that everyone is proud of.

Our Size
We’re a small builder on purpose. Our goals are our clients’ goals. Every single home is important for us, and we pay personal attention through the process

Property Investors

Investment in property is regarded by many as an essential to financial freedom. When you’re building wealth over the longer term, investment in property has proven to be a low risk and stable investment strategy.

Some of the reasons why investing in property makes sense are:

  1. Above average returns which far outperform inflation
  2. Consistent investment performance
  3. Predicted Strong future demand
  4. Generous tax advantages for investors (Gearing)
  5. Ability to Leverage
  6. Tangible asset that you can see and enjoy

prop_invest_BIt is important that owners set a high standard for the condition of their property at the start of the lease in order to maintain that standard from the tenants. Families are more likely to stay in a rental property long term. The effort required to move is a lot more daunting for a family compared with a young professional couple in an apartment. Also once children are settled into schools, parents are less likely to move them. Remember most tenants choose a place to live based upon lifestyle, and well-presented properties do attract better quality appreciative tenants and a in the long run attract a higher rental return.

You can feel confident of investing in one of our homes because of our excellent inclusions, construction quality, and highest level of professionalism.

We can also connect you to some of the best advisors from some of the major banks to provide you further financial advice on your investment.

Please use the contact form, or  phone on 1300 722 703 for more details.

Knock Down Rebuild

Build your dream homeIf you have outgrown your old home, but want to stay in the same area, a knock down rebuild project may be the answer!

If you wish to maximise house space on your existing block, getting a brand new double storey house with an elevator is going to solve all your mobility problems, at the same time letting you stay close to your family, friends, hospitals and other facilities that you have become used to.

There are essentially just 3 steps to the whole Knock down and rebuild process:

1) Documentation and Design

Meet with us, and we will explore your ideas for your space and come up with a concept that you love. We will then proceed to provide you with a formal cost proposal, inclusive of floor plans and site plans. Once approved and a contract is signed, we will liaise with your local council to finalise the council approval and permit process.

2) Demolition

Once all necessary conditions have been fulfilled, we can set a date for the construction of your new home, in order for you to plan for the demolition of your house. InnoHomes can recommend Demolition contractors, or you are free to choose your own licenced contractor. This contractor will be typically able to obtain a demolition permit, and supply you an Asbestos Clearance Certificate, so that we can start construction. Other items for consideration are Asset protection permits, temporary and established fencing, Disconnection and possible relocation of services, and Tree removal

3) Construction

Construction can now commence and you can start to see your brand new dream home come to life. There will be opportunity to visit the site with your supervisor at key stages during the building process.

Once your new home is complete and final payment has been made, we will make a pre-handover appointment with you, it is here you will receive a certificate of Practical Completion. You are now welcome to take possession of your brand new home, with all the features you can now enjoy for many years to come.

Getting Started

As you get started on your journey to building a new house, these are some of the things worth spending some time to think about

    • The house itself – what sort of facilities are important to you? Is mobility a concern, or going to be a concern? What sort of designs are you most comfortable with
    • Your Budget – How much do you wantt to spend, or can afford to spend on your house? Do you need a second opinion from a Financial advisor?
    • The Land you have in mind – What is the width (and depth) of your block? Are you plannng to build on an established block?


After you have the basics sorted:

  • Have a look at our plans. Will they work for you?
  • Do you have ideas or sketches. We can help translate that into definite plans.

It is now time to visit our display, and consult with us to begin this exciting journey towards building your new home.