As you get started on your journey to building a new house, these are some of the things worth spending some time to think about

    • The house itself – what sort of facilities are important to you? Is mobility a concern, or going to be a concern? What sort of designs are you most comfortable with
    • Your Budget – How much do you wantt to spend, or can afford to spend on your house? Do you need a second opinion from a Financial advisor?
    • The Land you have in mind – What is the width (and depth) of your block? Are you plannng to build on an established block?


After you have the basics sorted:

  • Have a look at our plans. Will they work for you?
  • Do you have ideas or sketches. We can help translate that into definite plans.

It is now time to visit our display, and consult with us to begin this exciting journey towards building your new home.