Investment in property is regarded by many as an essential to financial freedom. When you’re building wealth over the longer term, investment in property has proven to be a low risk and stable investment strategy.

Some of the reasons why investing in property makes sense are:

  1. Above average returns which far outperform inflation
  2. Consistent investment performance
  3. Predicted Strong future demand
  4. Generous tax advantages for investors (Gearing)
  5. Ability to Leverage
  6. Tangible asset that you can see and enjoy

prop_invest_BIt is important that owners set a high standard for the condition of their property at the start of the lease in order to maintain that standard from the tenants. Families are more likely to stay in a rental property long term. The effort required to move is a lot more daunting for a family compared with a young professional couple in an apartment. Also once children are settled into schools, parents are less likely to move them. Remember most tenants choose a place to live based upon lifestyle, and well-presented properties do attract better quality appreciative tenants and a in the long run attract a higher rental return.

You can feel confident of investing in one of our homes because of our excellent inclusions, construction quality, and highest level of professionalism.

We can also connect you to some of the best advisors from some of the major banks to provide you further financial advice on your investment.

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