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Housing is not only a basic human need; our houses are also a tangible expression of our clients’ dreams. We listen and we build. It is our mission to develop long-term partnerships and create homes that will last far into the future.

Find the Most Affordable & Custom House Planner in Melbourne

Who does not desire to live in their dream home? Well, now is the time to turn it into a reality. At InnoHomes, we have qualified builders in Melbourne to build your dream home. With our innovative skills, we inspire you to live the way you desire.

It is extremely a challenging task to find the perfect home for yourself as you will need to consider various aspects, like the location, neighbourhood, accessibility, etc. Depending on your requirement, you can either choose to remodel your existing home or go for a knockdown rebuild. When you work with InnoHomes, you get to create custom home plans according to your style and preference.

If you are sceptical about how this will be valuable and at the same time cost-effective, then our team of experts is there to lead you in the right direction. Custom home plans are designed in the way you desire. From the materials to the design, you will have a say in the plans. Our job at InnoHomes is to assist you in bringing your dream home to life.


InnoHomes is a registered building firm with 12 years of strong building experience, and we have been providing remarkable services to our clients and have been receiving amazing reviews for our services.


Knock-down Rebuild

A knockdown & rebuild is an ideal solution if you want your new home in the same location. Though you might have to stay away for a short duration, you will get to see the home you have always wished for once you return.

Backyard Office

Backyard Studio

Do you have some extra space in your backyard? Or a spare room in your backyard for a home-based office, a gym, or a granny flat? InnoHomes backyard studio service is the conclusion.

Design and Build

Custom design

If you would like to design your own home instead of going for a standard home builder’s plan, you can opt for a custom home design. Our team of experts will work with you every step of the way offering unique and unmatched services, suggestions, and advice while designing and constructing your home.

Renovations / Extensions

If you want to give your kitchen or bathroom a new look, the contractors at InnoHomes will renovate your home. We can advise you and help you give your home the new look that you desire. If you want some extra space, some substantial restructure or addition in the back, come to us for the better and best advice for your place.

Why Choose Us?

InnoHomes are registered building practitioners in Melbourne and have been successfully delivering service to clients for over a decade.

• We have12 years of strong building experience.

• We have well-planned and well-executed strategies. We ensure that deadlines are met. And customer receives best established found that remains strong in future.

• Planning and establishment of works programs, ensuring that timelines are met.

• Actively controlling and managing contractors and sub-contractors. We just hand over jobs to subcontractors but also supervise and keep knowledge of the work being done.

• We try our best to create your dream house without any discrepancies while ensuring monetary commitment and that the project is value for money.

• We ensure to meet your quality expectations by delivering our best service at the highest.

• Our services for a knock-out building or backyard space to create a granny flat are remarkable and are Melbourne’s most durable Granny flat builders.

With years of experience and knowledge InnoHomes are the perfect builders in Melbourne you are looking for. Call us on (1300 722 703) to get a free quote.  

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