When it comes to roofing materials in Australia, two types are considered more popular than other. These are concrete roof tiles and corrugated metal roofing with a bonded paint finish. The latter is typically known as Colorbond or CB in the country. Both are weather resistant but the homeowner’s taste, needs, and budget also play a very important role when a purchase decision is made.


Concrete roof tiles have been used in various Australian cities for more than 75 years. Colorbond may be newer, but just as popular. However, there are some key differences which are worth considering when choosing one over the other.

Architectural Merit:
The concrete roof tiles have come a long way from being just a standard half-pipe tile.  While maintaining a traditional look, these tiles are available in a variety of colours. Colorbond has a modern stylish look with clean lines and are also available in a wide range of colours.

Colorbond roof is not known for its sound proofing quality. Tile roofs are admittedly much quieter. While you can lay additional soundproofing to dampen the sound of rain and hail on a Colorbond roof, you cannot really get rid of the noise.

Colorbond is much lighter than tile roof. Thus, your roof framing is much lighter; rafter spacing can be wider.

Colorbond is more resilient than concrete roof tiles.  So, in case you need to climb on the roof for maintenance work, be more careful on tile than on Colorbond.

While there are reports that say Concrete tiles crack easier than Colorbond, it is almost always due to misuse. Also concrete tiles would be the preferred option if you wanted to modify portion of the roof later, for example installing a skylight.

While concrete tiles are cheaper than Colorbond, the total costs depends on the roof design,  which includes the trusses, insulation etc. The total costs are normally not significantly different for each of them.

Concrete tiles may be a better option in corrosive environments such as areas near the sea etc.

They are both excellent choices, and is truly determined more by personal preferences than any other criteria.

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