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Backyard Office

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  • Backyard Office
  • 3.6m x 2.7m
  • Power, Stormwater

Find the Most Comfortable Backyard Pods & Office Pods in Melbourne

Nowadays, many modern-day homes and bungalows have backyard pods installed, which they use as an office, a granny flat, a music backyard studio or for other purposes. At InnoHomes, we provide you with spacious movable backyard pod kits. The trend of having backyard pods in Melbourne started in 2017 and is a huge demand in today’s market. A backyard pod is a great way to add more space to your home without requiring any home extensions or renovations.

Adding extensions to your backyard will require permits and approvals depending on the council and the type of extension, however, our team will assist you with all the necessary paperwork to get you a backyard pod that you can live in or transform into your office. InnoHomes have backyard offices that require no building permit, and we will help you install this in your backyard. We have a collection of carefully designed pods that will make working from home a better experience.


Backyard Office

Importance of Office Pods in Backyard Garden

Working from home is not an easy task as there are usually a lot of distractions, which can affect your productivity. This is where office pods become important. Here are a few reasons to have an office pod in your backyard:


The environment of the home is generally not suitable for work. Building a separate space to work in will help you concentrate more and will improve your productivity tenfold. You will be able to focus and work well while staying at home and at the same time away from disturbances.

Better Professional Setup

When you have a professional cabin, you create an environment that is dedicated to your work and does not have anything else apart from what you need during work. Moreover, having a professional setup while conducting video calls with colleagues and clients creates a great impression.

Spacious Cabin

When you convert a room in your home into an office, you will need to work with limited space. However, if you opt for a backyard office pod, you can expand the size of your office to accommodate all the furniture and items you would need while working. You can even have a recliner in your home office to relax and power up yourself for the rest of the work.


Most office-related work involves confidential matters or client-sensitive information. When you have your own office in your backyard, you will be able to keep your records safely and securely. At InnoHomes, we provide office pods with insulation and soundproofing techniques to ensure your calls are private and any documents are safely kept from unauthorised hands.

Why Choose Us for Backyard Office Pod?

The InnoHomes backyard service does not require any building permit, and they are constructed carefully using top-quality materials and making them durable. There are various reasons to choose InnoHomes for your backyard pods:

• Fully installed on site
• Created with weatherproof natural cladding that resembles natural timber to complement your garden
• A spacious backyard pod with exterior dimensions at 3.6m x 2.7m
• Proper ventilation facilities to allow fresh air and sunlight through windows
• Fully insulated, outside and inside to maintain temperature and reduce background noise
• Laminated floors, and well-wired electrical setup for lightening and other appliances
• Natural cladding with the characteristics and look of raw, undressed timber. Just oil to get a natural timber look.
• High Internal ceiling height of 2700mm.
• Engineered Roof Trusses and Colorbond steel roof
• Black Aluminium Windows and entrance door.
• Colorbond Corrugated Roofing
• 2x LED down lights, 3 x Double PowerPoint’s, 1 x External up-down light
• Caravan Point ready to connect. Connection priced depending on site conditions.
• Ready to Paint – Internal & External

InnoHomes has a building experience of 12 years. We have a great understanding of our clients. We are a registered building practitioner for more than a decade and have been serving Melbourne and surrounding areas. Our office pods are not just shed they are durable and reliable to provide you with an ambience perfect for work. Call us on 1300 722 703 to get a free quote.


Images are for illustrative purposes only, and to be used as a guide only. Some images feature specification upgrades, design options, decorator items and alternate façades which are not included in the base price and will incur additional cost. Images may also include features not supplied by InnoHomes, including without limitation, some landscaping, furniture, wall furnishes and finishes, joinery and decorative lighting. Please talk to our consultant for detailed home pricing and a full list of inclusions. Pricing based on easy access to the backyard, and delivery of materials within 10m of location of Office. Supply and install only to Melbourne Metro region. Some other areas available with consultation.

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