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Sloping Block

InnoHomes – Most Effective Sloping Block Builder in Melbourne

Sloping sites are gaining a lot of popularity nowadays. However, to have amazing sloping block homes, you require professionals like the contractors at InnoHomes who have first-hand experience in building well versed sloping sites. Being amongst the best sloping block builders in Melbourne, we have experienced sloping site builders who can deal with any issues.

With years of experience in building the best sloping sites, we can overcome any challenges that may occur and create flawless homes with views to match. We understand how important it is for homeowners to make their home as attractive as possible to take advantage of the ‘million-dollar views’ that only an attractive sloping site can provide. Keeping that in mind, we offer sloping site solutions that can provide stunning elevated views enabling an added level of creativity with your home design, often in a more affordable land price.

One option compared to completely cutting the land, would be to have stepped slab. The slab of the house follows the slope of the land. It may give you the benefit of reduced site costs, at the same time giving you a design with a “WOW” factor.

Why Are We Considered As a Sloping Block Specialist in Melbourne?

For providing exceptional sloping sites to numerous clients in Melbourne, InnoHomes has now built a reputation in the market as the most preferred sloping site specialist. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best sloping sites building solutions across Melbourne and have a strong team of professional engineers working with us to produce the best possible outcome.

Our team is available round the clock to assist our clients and make sure they maximise the practical and aesthetic qualities of your split-level home to create not only a unique and beautiful home, but a home with manageable driveways, abundant light, natural ventilation, great storage, minimal excavation and wonderful views and outlooks.

InnoHomes has several tried-and-tested split-level house designs that can fit into your requirements, and all our designs are constructed to maximise the long-term value of your new home.

Things to Consider While Building on a Sloping Site

Once you decide to design your home to suit a sloping site, you need to ensure the efficiency in your home design without exceeding your budget. Here are few things that you need to consider when building on a sloping site:

• The consistency and the angle of the slope
• The block’s position in relation to the sun to optimise the temperature in summer and winter
• Drainage for water flow during heavy downpours and/or floods
• Privacy for yourself and your neighbour
• The start and end points of a slope in relation to the location of the home on the land
• The amount of natural light into the home’s key areas
• Meeting the regulated height restrictions

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