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Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy

Dual Occupancy Home Builder & Design Service in Melbourne

InnoHomes offers the best end-to-end feasibility dual occupancy home building and design services in Melbourne. We have a team of professional builders specializing in duplex and dual occupancy home building services tailored to the requirements of our customers. If you are considering living with your friend or a family member but don’t want to compromise on your independence, then a dual occupancy building is an ideal option.

For providing the best dual occupancy homes and designs, we believe in offering quality within all budgets. Be it detailing, design, or optimum utilization, InnoHomes excels at it all. We have a team of qualified builders working with us who believe that your home reflects your lifestyle and personal taste and work round the clock to provide you with the final result that can exceed your expectations.

We achieve this through:
• Attaining the most probable ROI by cost-analysing
• Professionalized team for designing and build-process
• Customized solutions for your home demands
• Offering you with energy-efficient homes
• Site-analysing method for the best used of every site

Dual Occupancy Units

What Are the Reasons to Consider Building a Dual Occupancy Home?

It might be your biggest investment if you are considering building a dual occupancy home, as you are investing in constructing two buildings under a single roof and you can get the maximum benefits of the same. Here are a few benefits of a dual occupancy home: • You can rent it to two different tenants and have double income generated • You get higher ROI in the years to come • You may get the benefit of higher tax and capital growth • You can utilise your unused backyard to build a dual occupancy house and then rent them to generate income There are many advantages to consider building a dual occupancy home – whether you are an investor or a homeowner, a dual occupancy house can bring immense benefits to you in terms of money as well as a good place to move in. Typically, dual occupancy homes are a flexible exercise providing an option to keep residency or title, while simultaneously you can also sell or lease at least one out of the two dwellings.

Why Choose Us for Dual Occupancy Building in Melbourne?

Our team of experts always prioritizes your needs and requirements. They partner with you to understand your specific requirements and work alongside you throughout the designing and building process to ensure that they deliver you the exact result that you were hoping for. For us, quality is the topmost factor that we strive to provide all our customers. We do not compromise on the quality of materials and make sure that our clients are given the best quality without exceeding their budget. As one of the renowned dual occupancy home builders and designers in Melbourne, our only aim is to offer our clients the best and assure that they get the most exemplary and value-for-money services. We always assist our clients with new ideas and designs that are according to their requirements and that can help them in designing their dream home. With advanced technology, techniques, and architectural trends, our goal at InnoHomes is to deliver unparalleled results and immaculate homes that are second to none.

InnoHomes specializes in building and designing dual occupancy homes that are the best in Melbourne. If you are searching for reliable builders who can turn your dream home into a reality, call us to get in touch with our consultants.

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