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Melbourne's Most Reliable Granny Flats Builder

A granny flat is a self-contained, modern apartment that is practical and incredibly designed. For some private space seekers or for those who require additional supervision while conserving their privacy, the granny flat has never been as promising. InnoHomes provides you with a collection of carefully constructed autonomous quarters for your backyard that are durable and reliable. We have a broad selection of Granny flats: one-bedroom flats, self-contained flats, modern granny flats, two-storey granny flats, and portable ones.

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Types of Granny Flats We Offer in Melbourne

Extra space in your backyard can be utilised in the best way by installing a granny flat that is functional and modern and an additional unit for small habitations. InnoHomes has an exclusive collection of Granny flats. Types of granny flats that we offer are: •

Modern Granny Flats

These granny flats are attached or detached from the main house and have modern interiors. We can construct a modern granny flat that is fully equipped and serves all needs in one place, while meeting the modern décor of the main home. •

Portable Granny Flats

We have a collection of relocatable and transportable granny flats that we install in backyards, so you can totally avoid the burdening task of constructing a small unit behind your house by installing a perfectly well-furnished portable granny flat. You can choose from our range of carefully designed transportable units and buy granny flat according to your preferences at an affordable price rate. So next time you want to change your residence, you can take that unit with you or put your house with granny flat. •

Two-Storey Granny Flats

To cater to your needs, InnoHomes is skilled in constructing not only single-storey granny flats, but also two-storey granny flats to create a spacious home. It is also ideal when you don’t have more space for a wider granny flat. If you need additional space, you can count on us to design the perfect two-storey granny flat for you. •

Luxury Granny Flats

Not only are our granny flats excellent in fulfilling basic needs but you can also choose to live in a lavish and luxurious granny flat, fully equipped, and well-furnished with modern appliances that many granny flat builders fail to procure. •

Small Granny Flats

If you don’t want a big two-bedroom or two-storey granny flat or do not have much space in your backyard, InnoHomes can build small granny flats that are fit perfectly in your backyard and are beautifully designed.

Why Choose Us for Granny Flats?

Granny flats are gaining popularity in Melbourne. For families who love to stay around each other and want a living space where they can take care of their loved ones at the same respecting their privacy and freedom, a self-contained unit or a granny flat is the solution. At InnoHomes in Melbourne, we are experts in building well-furnished granny flats. With over 12 years’ experience in the building industry, we have gained a name as the most reliable granny flat builders in Melbourne. We are a registered building practitioner in Victoria and a licensed building agency who will always provide you with the best service and advice that fits best into your space. We have been designing custom home plans and have a vast history of amazing renovations done by our team of experts. With our promising service for more than a decade, we have become the most reliable builders in Melbourne and nearby areas. You can trust for your project, be it the primary house, granny flat, or any backyard pod, or office. Call us on 1300 722 703 to get a free quote.

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