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Knockdown / Rebuild

Knockdown Rebuild

Knock down & Rebuild Specialists in Melbourne

When you are happy and content with the location of your home but would like to redesign your home, consider knockdown and rebuild specialists. Our contractors at InnoHomes can help you rebuild on your current block of land after knocking down your old home. Whether you are seeking to build off-the-plan (100+ options), design from scratch (custom home) or source a house and land package in Melbourne, we have you covered.

Being amongst the best knockdown rebuild specialists throughout Melbourne, our team at InnoHomes has worked for numerous clients and has always given the best results that have exceeded their expectations. We are backed by some of the best designers in Melbourne who can create marvels on blocks of land of every description, which can make your dream home a reality.

How Does the Knock down & Rebuild Process at InnoHomes Take Place?

1) Documentation and Design

Meet with us, and we will explore your ideas for your space and come up with a concept that you love. We will then proceed to provide you with a formal cost proposal, inclusive of floor plans and site plans. Once approved and a contract is signed, we will liaise with your local council to finalise the council approval and permit process.

2) Demolition

Once all necessary conditions have been fulfilled, we can set a date for the construction of your new home, in order for you to plan for the demolition of your house. InnoHomes can recommend Demolition contractors, or you are free to choose your own licenced contractor. This contractor will be typically able to obtain a demolition permit, and supply you an Asbestos Clearance Certificate, so that we can start construction. Other items for consideration are Asset protection permits, temporary and established fencing, Disconnection and possible relocation of services, and Tree removal

3) Construction

Construction can now commence and you can start to see your brand new dream home come to life. There will be opportunity to visit the site with your supervisor at key stages during the building process.

Benefits of Knock down and Rebuild

Just by renovating your old home, you can completely upgrade your lifestyle as this will simply extend your existing home and make your current circumstances much better. Here’s why knocking down your house and building a new one in its place is a great move:

  • Financially Smarter Move

Knocking down your house and building a new one in its place can be very cost-effective and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Instead of buying a whole new place, you can simply hire a professional company like InnoHomes to do the job for you and rebuild your house just the way you want within your budget.

  • Live in the Same Community

Undoubtedly, location is the most important factor to consider in any aspect of any real estate decision. If you are living in the preferred location that you love and cannot afford to change it to a bigger home in the same location, a knockdown rebuild allows you to stay in an upgraded house while being in the same location.

  • Get the Exact Home You Want

A knockdown rebuild is the best option to get your home build right from the scratch. You can simply rebuild your home without worrying about the location of the home or the additional permits you would need to build on that land. You get the flexibility to choose designs of your choice just as you would do in a new house. You can simply get your dream house with complete control to not only choose the most functional floor plan, but also your favourite façade, colour scheme and choice of fittings and fixtures.

At InnoHomes, we have a well-trained team who can assist you with modifications and offer a personalised approach to ensure you are completely happy with the finished product, which is after all your dream home! If you’re interested in rebuilding your house, contact us today on 1300 722 703.

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