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You may want something new, exciting, and fresh to add that special touch to your loved space, and only a home makeover can do that. We can, and have helped design and build the perfect space, that you would be proud to call home.

Most homes at some stage they may need more than just maintenance, they need a change-over of some kind to bring them back to their former glory. Or, you just want to update your home to the tastes and styles that suit you. A makeover can be as simple as paint, carpet some exterior work to a full strip out and redesign of the home.

Sometimes it is just a couple of spaces that need updating. For most people it is the Kitchen and the Bathrooms. These can often add the most value to your homes, as they are considered to be the heart or core of your homes. We help design and build spaces that are functional, practical, and suit your own personal style

A home renovation project is generally one that doesn’t really add any additional spaces to your building but may completely change the look and feel of the home. Sometimes this requires a restructuring of the flow of the home by removing/adding/changing wall positions and creating different spaces that you require. You may be just after some small changes, or you may be looking at gutting the whole internalsand starting again, resulting in nearly a brand new space.

InnoHomes Renovate

We complement your ideas of what you want from your home renovation, by our expert knowledge. We take care of any permits that may be required to renovate and extend your home. We ensure high levels of client visibility so you have peace of mind knowing that your expectations are being completely fulfilled.

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